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3-D Property Inspection Report

Summit Home Inspection will provide you with the most comprehensive property inspection report possible, using the 3-D inspection system. The inspection report will meet or exceed the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) and the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

Inspection Process

During a property inspection, items inspected will include but are not limited to:

Foundations - Basements - Under-Floor Areas

- Foundation and other support components
- Under-floor ventilation
- Location of under-floor access opening(s)
- Wood separation from soil
- Presence of drainage systems or sump pumps within foundation footprint
- Presence or absence of seismic anchoring and bracing components


- Surface grade, hardscaping and drainage within six feet of the inspected building or
  associated primary parking structure
- Wall cladding, veneers, flashing, trim, eaves, soffits and fascias
- Exterior portions of a representative sampling of doors and windows
- Attached decks, porches, balconies, stairs, columns, walkways, guard-rails and handrails

Roof Coverings

- Roof coverings
- Flashing, vents, skylights and other penetrations
- Roof drainage systems

Attic Areas and Roof Framing

- Framing and sheathing
- Access opening(s) and accessibility
- Insulation material(s)
- Ventilation


- Supply, waste, and vent piping
- Fixtures, faucets and drains
- Water heating equipment, including combustion air, venting, connections,
  energy sources, seismic bracing, and temperature-pressure relief valves
- Functional flow of water supply and functional drainage at fixtures
- Gas piping and connectors
- Cross-connections

Electrical Systems

- Service conductors, equipment, and capacity
- Panels and overcurrent protection devices
- Service and equipment grounding
- Wiring types and methods
- A representative sampling of switches, receptacles, and light fixtures
- Ground-fault circuit-interrupters

Heating Systems

- Heating equipment and operation using normal user controls
- Venting systems
- Combustion and ventilating air
- Energy source and connections
- Heating distribution system(s) including a representative sampling of ducting,
  duct insulation, outlets, radiators, piping systems and valves

Central Cooling Systems

- Cooling equipment and operation using normal user controls
- Cooling distribution system(s) including a representative sampling of ducting,
  duct insulation, outlets, piping systems and valves
- Energy source and connections
- Condensate drains

Fireplaces and Chimneys

- Chimneys, flues, dampers and associated components
- Fireboxes, hearth extensions and permanently installed accessory components
- Manufactured solid-fuel or gas-burning appliances

Building Interior

- Walls, ceilings and floors
- Security bars, ventilation components, and a representative sampling of doors and
- Stairs, handrails, and guardrails
- Permanently installed cabinet and countertop surfaces
- Safety glazing in locations subject to human impact

Pools and Spas

- Location and type of pool or spa examined
- Conditions limiting or otherwise inhibiting inspection
- Enclosure and related gates
- Hardscaping and drainage related to the inspected pool or spa
- Condition of visible portions of systems, structures, or components
- Normally necessary and present equipment such as: lights, pumps, heaters, filters, and
  related mechanical and electrical connections

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